InLinkUK from BT kiosks planning applications



There are typically two applications per kiosk: one for full planning permission or telecoms prior approval, and one for advertisement consent. So the number of kiosks applied for is half the number of applications.

Status Decision Appeal status Appeal decision Applications


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7 Sep 2018 Engineering and Technology Crime link stalls 5G phone boxes
10 Sep 2018 Huffpost UK BT digital kiosks expansion halted after claims they're 'used mainly for drug dealing'
14 Sep 2018 Engineering and Technology Westminster brands 5G phone kiosks a deceit
1 Oct 2018 BBC One (Wales) X-Ray: Omar Hamdi tries out the latest futuristic phone boxes to appear on the streets of Swansea (at 9m 48s)
12 Oct 2018 Engineering and Technology 5G street fight
12 Oct 2018 Engineering and Technology Cities block 5G kiosks after doing rival deals
18 Dec 2019 The Register InLink Limited limited: Firm that puts up UK's ad-supported phone booths enters administration
27 Jan 2020 The Register InLinkUK collapse: Ad market, planning woes, £20m debt and drug dealers using booths to blame, say admins


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Received Reference Address Status Decision
18F/0570 Mount Pleasant (Outside No.70 Rodney House) Liverpool L3 5UX APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0572 Outside 46 Lord Street Liverpool L2 6PB APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0575 Whitechapel Near Junction with Church Street Liverpool L1 1DA APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0579 Whitechapel (Outside No.35 Metquarter) Liverpool L1 6DZ APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0582 Junction of Hope Street and Maryland Street Liverpool L1 9DE APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0586 Junction of Mount Pleasant and Hope Street (Outside No.80-98 John Moores University) Liverpool L3 5UZ APPEAL LODGED Refuse
18F/0588 Mulberry Street opposite Junction with Cambridge Street Liverpool L7 7EE APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0591 Concert Street (Outside No.48-50 The Crafty Chandler PH) Liverpool L1 4AQ APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0602 Opposite Nos,18-26 Radiant House Bold Street Liverpool L1 4DS APPEAL LODGED Refuse
18F/0604 Outside 1-5 Church Street Liverpool L1 APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0606 Outside No.24-26 Mount Pleasant Liverpool L1 2SR APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0608 Outside 24 Ranelagh Street Liverpool L1 1QE APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0610 Outside no.18-20 Clayton Square Great Charlotte Street Liverpool L1 1HU APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0612 Outside no.24 Hardman Street Liverpool L1 9AS APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0615 Outside Tesco Clayton Square Houghton Street Liverpool L1 1DP APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0618 Outside Lime Street Train Station Lime Street Liverpool L1 1JD APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0620 Outside No. 21-23 Richmond Street/Williamson Square Liverpool L1 1EQ APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0622 Outside 1 Parker Street Liverpool L1 1DJ APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0624 Outside Entrance to St Johns Centre and Roe Street Liverpool L1 1HL APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0626 Junction of Leece Street/Roscoe Street Liverpool L1 2TR APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0629 20 Whitechapel (Outside the Lobster Pot) Liverpool L1 6DZ APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0631 Junction of Bedford Street North and Abercromby Square Liverpool L69 7ZN APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0633 Outside Adelphi Hotel, Junction of Ranelagh Street/Renshaw Street Liverpool L3 5UL APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0636 Outside Lime Street Station (opposite Crown Pub, Skelhorne Street) Liverpool L3 5LX APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0639 Outside no.48-50 Richmond Street Liverpool L1 1EE APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0641 Outside 74 Bold Street Liverpool L1 4HR APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0645 Outside no.88-94 Church Street Liverpool L1 3HD APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0649 Sainsburys Outside 105-107 Bold Street Liverpool L1 4HL APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0651 Junction of Brownlow Hill and Mount Pleasant Liverpool L3 5RF APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0654 Outside no.48-56 Church Street Liverpool L1 3AY APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
18F/0897 Outside Playhouse Theatre Williamson Square Liverpool L1 1EL APPEAL DECIDED Refuse
21F/1403 Church Street (outside no. 56) Liverpool L1 3AY REGISTERED
21F/1405 Houghton Street (outside nos. 63-65) Liverpool, L1 1LP REGISTERED
21F/1409 Bold Street (opposite no. 2) and near junction with Hanover Street, Liverpool, L1 4DS REGISTERED
21F/1412 Church Street (outside nos. 18-20) Liverpool, L1 3AP REGISTERED
21F/1414 Williamson Square (OS No. 11) Liverpool L1 1EQ REGISTERED
21F/1416 Paradise Street (outside no. 20, near junction with School Lane) Liverpool, L1 8JF REGISTERED
21F/1432 Lord Street (outside No. 53) Liverpool L2 6PB REGISTERED
21F/1434 Lord Street (outside nos. 76-78, near jcn Paradise St), Liverpool, L2 1TL REGISTERED