BT Street Hub kiosks planning applications



There are typically two applications per kiosk: one for full planning permission or telecoms prior approval, and one for advertisement consent. So the number of kiosks applied for is half the number of applications.

Status Decision Appeal status Appeal decision Applications
Decided Permitted 6
Decided Refused 8


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Received Reference Address Status Decision
21/01370/R4FUL BT Kiosk At 331 Lincoln Road Peterborough Decided Permitted
21/01371/R4FUL Path To The Front Of 15 Midgate Peterborough Decided Refused
21/01372/R4FUL Path To Front Of Yorkshire Bank 10 Church Street Peterborough PE1 1XB Decided Refused
21/01399/R4FUL Path To The Front Of 61 Bridge Street Bridge Street Peterborough Decided Permitted
21/01400/R4FUL Footpath To The Side Of Wortley Almshouses Westgate Peterborough Decided Refused
21/01401/R4FUL Footpath At Central Library Broadway Peterborough Decided Refused
21/01402/R4FUL Footpath To The Front Of 94 Bridge Street Peterborough PE1 1DY Decided Permitted
21/01403/R4FUL Footpath To The Front Of Middletons 9 - 15 Bridge Street Peterborough PE1 1HJ Decided Permitted
21/01405/R4FUL Path To The Front Of 31 Queensgate Westgate Peterborough Decided Permitted
21/01406/R4FUL Path To Front Of Wagamama 37 - 39 Long Causeway Peterborough PE1 1YJ Decided Refused
21/01407/R4FUL Path To The Front Of 3 Hereward Cross Broadway Peterborough Decided Refused
21/01408/R4FUL Footpath Outside Former Fifth Avenue Night Club Laxton Square City Road Peterborough Decided Refused
21/01409/R4FUL Footpath To The Front Of 7 - 8 Church Street Peterborough PE1 1XB Decided Permitted
21/01410/R4FUL Path To The Front Of Magistrates Court Bridge Street Peterborough PE1 1ED Decided Refused