InLink kiosks planning applications


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27 Jun 2017 Wired UK Phone boxes across the UK are being turned into free 1Gbps Wi-Fi hotspots and charging stations
27 Jun 2017 Mobile News First InLink hits Camden High Street
27 Jun 2017 Gizmodo UK Goodbye phone boxes, hello wifi kiosk: Hands on with BT InLink
26 Oct 2017 Camden New Journal Police urge Town Hall to block new wave of phone boxes
29 Nov 2017 Wandsworth Guardian Residents call for council to reject new 'eyesore' BT kiosks
13 Dec 2017 Adrian Short InLink kiosks: Email to Wandsworth Council's planning applications committee
14 Dec 2017 Adrian Short BT InLink in London: building a privatised "smart city" by stealth
19 Dec 2017 Wandsworth Guardian Plans to install new BT kiosks in Wandsworth approved by council
4 Jan 2018 Adrian Short Google InLink spy kiosks targeting kids in London and Leeds
29 Jan 2018 ISPreview Local UK councils rail against surge in Trojan telephone boxes
16 Feb 2018 Wired UK Stop replacing London’s phone boxes with corporate surveillance
21 Feb 2018 Islington Gazette Islington Society takes aim at digital phone boxes, likens them to ‘plague of locusts’
22 Feb 2018 Islington Society Society leads resistance to new phone boxes
3 Apr 2018 Wandsworth Guardian Hundredth BT InLinkUK kiosks switched on in Wandsworth
4 Apr 2018 Bristol Post BT plan to replace Bristol's telephone boxes with these modern wifi portals
6 Apr 2018 Adrian Short Is Intersection part of Google?
6 Apr 2018 Adblock Bristol Act now! 34 new digital advertising screens planned for Bristol city centre
12 Apr 2018 Bristol Post BT's new InLink WiFi portals will introduce dozens of new security cameras to Bristol's streets
17 Apr 2018 Bristol Cable Opinion: Bristol’s new phoneboxes could end up spying on you
20 Apr 2018 Sky News Swipe: Upgraded phone boxes
23 Apr 2018 Bristol Walking Alliance InLink advertising monoliths
25 Apr 2018 Chronicle Live Trojan phone box 'turmoil' ahead of Great Exhibition of the North
23 May 2018 Adblock Bristol Success! 34 digital advertising screens rejected by Bristol City Council
12 Jun 2018 Adrian Short InLink is dodging full planning permission in Kingston
18 Jun 2018 Islington Tribune ‘Horrible tsunami’ of phone boxes planned
19 Jun 2018 ISPreview BT begin deploying 12 ultrafast wifi InLinkUK kiosks in Glasgow
4 Jul 2018 Chronicle Live Why bosses think the 'Trojan' phone boxes should be built in Newcastle and Gateshead
7 Jul 2018 Ham&High Revealed: How new digital phone boxes are helping to drive Camden’s drug trade
23 Aug 2018 ISPreview Sheffield, Newcastle and Gateshead get BT InLinkUK gigabit wifi kiosks
7 Sep 2018 CoventryLive This is why you might not be getting free super fast wifi in Coventry
7 Sep 2018 Westminster City Council Westminster at war with ‘whack-a-mole’ phone boxes
7 Sep 2018 Engineering and Technology Crime link stalls 5G phone boxes
10 Sep 2018 Gizmodo UK Police postpone installation of BT's 5G internet kiosks over drug links
10 Sep 2018 Huffpost UK BT digital kiosks expansion halted after claims they're 'used mainly for drug dealing'
14 Sep 2018 Engineering and Technology Westminster brands 5G phone kiosks a deceit
17 Sep 2018 Cian Heasley An interview with anti-surveillance activists ReThink LinkNYC on tech, privacy and the future of smart cities
29 Sep 2018 New York Times On crowded London streets, councils fight a flood of phone boxes
1 Oct 2018 BBC One (Wales) X-Ray: Omar Hamdi tries out the latest futuristic phone boxes to appear on the streets of Swansea (at 9m 48s)
2 Oct 2018 Sutton Guardian BT InLink kiosks: Plans to build Sutton's first units thrown out
5 Oct 2018 Independent Why critics are calling Britain's new phone boxes a 'surveillance network'
12 Oct 2018 Engineering and Technology 5G street fight
12 Oct 2018 Engineering and Technology Cities block 5G kiosks after doing rival deals
16 Nov 2018 Bristol Post BT 'in talks' with council to bring controversial InLinks to Bristol despite drug dealer fears